Feshto Comes with Email Automation
Just Setup your Automation.

Usr can only receive the emails in an automation once, with the exception of date-based automations
abandoned cart emails, order notifications, and product retargeting emails.

Welcome Series3

A welcome email is the first email someone receives when they join your mailing list.

Abandoned Cart2

These automations send to customers who put an item in their shopping cart but
don't follow through on the purchase.

Onboarding Series3

Onboarding emails to new singup user. The email to user is everything the store has to offer
and sets expectations for future communications.

Education series3

Teach your email list something, either about your product specifically, or something
relevant to your product or audience.

Specific Product Follow-Up3

These automations send after a contact purchases certain items from your online store.

New Customer Purchase4

Send a follow-up message to new customers after their first purchase.

Best Customer 5

Reward your best customers with sale announcements or special coupons.

Re-engagement Email3

Send an email to customers who haven't purchased from your store in a specific timeframe.

Date Based Email3

Date-based automations can help you engage with your subscribers throughout the year.